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Omni_S Digital FPV  antenna 2pcs
Omni_S Digital FPV antenna 2pcs

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Pro RX Cloverleaf 5.8Ghz Long edition (LHCP)
Pro RX Cloverleaf 5.8Ghz Long edition (LHCP)

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Penetrator  16dbi  - helical antenna 18 turn 5.8 GHz
Penetrator 16dbi - helical antenna 18 turn 5.8 GHz

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Omni_S Digital FPV  antenna set
Omni_S Digital FPV antenna set

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Longrange Set X Cross-air 2.GHz 10dbi (Toslon)
Longrange Set X Cross-air 2.GHz 10dbi (Toslon)

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Antenna Pro Pagoda 2.1 Long goggles edition

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Rating: 4.02327
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Enjoy a more comfortable and versatile FPV experience with our Pagoda 2.1 antenna featuring a longer cable (~140mm). Say goodbye to video dropouts caused by your head blocking the signal from the transmitter and fly freely behind you.

The Pagoda antenna is a circularly polarized omnidirectional antenna originally designed by Maarten Baert. Our Pagoda 2.1 antenna features slight modifications to the holes to fit better with RG402 cable and provide stronger solder points.

This next-generation antenna boasts an impressive axial ratio of 1.3 and a high efficiency of 95%, making it a top-performing circularly polarized antenna.

The Pagoda 2.1 antenna offers several benefits, including a good omnidirectional radiation pattern, a good axial ratio, and its reasonably small and durable design. It's also lightweight and can be used as both a transmitting and receiving antenna.

You can trust the quality of our antennas because each one undergoes multiple tests and checks on a spectrum analyzer during production. Additionally, all antennas in your order are carefully tuned to work together within the same frequency range.

Why choose Prodrone Pro Pagoda 2.1?

  1. Quality soldering
  2. Each antenna is checked on a spectrum analyzer.

Checking the antenna's characteristics is crucial because manufacturing antennas for 5.8GHz requires tight tolerances. Even a tiny change in dimensions or geometry (as small as 0.1mm) can affect the antenna's resonance point, or center frequency. In the chart below, you can see how different antennas assembled in our precision assembly jig (more precise than the original one designed by Maarten) can exhibit different characteristics.

With a working frequency of 5.8GHz, a gain of 1.1dBi, and a vSWR lower than 1.3, our Pagoda 2.1 antenna is an excellent choice for an omnidirectional antenna. It has a maximum power input of 50W and is available with either an SMA or RP-SMA connector. Plus, you can choose between right-hand circular polarization (RHCP) or left-hand circular polarization (LHCP) to suit your needs.

Radiation pattern of Pagoda-2.1 antenna


Why checking antenna is so important ?
Manufacturing antennas for 5.8Ghz need very tight tolerances. Even small change of dimensions, geometry (even so small ad 0.1mm) will change their characteristics (resonation point - centre frequency).
Below is example. Antennas assembled in our assembly jig, which is more precise than original one designed by Maarten. You see how they differs their characteristics.
Buying our antennas you will know how use them properly - on which frequency they will have best performance.


Specification of Prodrone Pagoda 2.1 antenna

Working Frequency: 5.8GHz
Omni directional antenna
Gain: 1,1 dBi
Antenna length: ~14cm
vSWR: lower than 1.3
Maximum power input: 50W
Connector: SMA or RP-SMA
Polarization: RHCP or LHCP (LHCP will be in black)

Pagoda-2.1 antennas are made under licence CC BY-SA 4.0 from Maarten Baert:



Product reviews (7)

7 July 2018

Great choice for goggles. Now i can fly behind me without worries. Well made antenna. Excellent choice with Crosshair.

16 September 2019

daje rade do dwóch kilometrow na 800mv. sztywny przewód. no i możliwość 90 stopni

28 December 2020

Très bonne antenne réception parfaite, montage sur lunettes EV300oleds+ crosshair .Merci pour les petits cadeaux offert avec la livraison

5 May 2021

Massive upgrade from a cheap dipole on my cobra x much better video reception even when flying behind me.

18 July 2021

Best antena for long range drone. Good reception no breakups.

7 September 2021

superb quality and very good performance thank you !

13 August 2022

very tough, good for long range or a fly in a very big bando if you are in a central position.

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