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Omni_S Digital FPV  antenna 2pcs
Omni_S Digital FPV antenna 2pcs

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MiCross_S2 Avatar SET
MiCross_S2 Avatar SET

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Pro RX Cloverleaf 5.8Ghz Long edition (LHCP)
Pro RX Cloverleaf 5.8Ghz Long edition (LHCP)

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MiCross_short 5.8Ghz 9dbi
MiCross_short 5.8Ghz 9dbi

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Penetrator  16dbi  - helical antenna 18 turn 5.8 GHz
Penetrator 16dbi - helical antenna 18 turn 5.8 GHz

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Omni_S Digital FPV  antenna set
Omni_S Digital FPV antenna set

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Longrange Set X Cross-air 2.GHz 10dbi (Toslon)
Longrange Set X Cross-air 2.GHz 10dbi (Toslon)

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Micross_digi Set

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The MiCross_digi set is a perfect solution for drone pilots who use digital video transmission systems for long-range flying without significant bitrate loss. This set contain four perfectly matched antennas that have been specially designed for FPV drone racing. They are smaller versions of our popular Xtreeme Cross-air V3 antennas, with shortened cables for improved portability.

Each antenna is individually tuned to ensure optimal performance, and the total length is approximately 4cm, with a 3cm cable length from the back of the reflector. The Mi-Cross antennas are an ideal choice for long-range flying with Walksnail Avatar goggles, providing a better FPV video experience.

The VSWR of these antennas is almost below 1:1.2 in the whole Raceband range, making them perfect for mid to long-range flying. The semi-rigid cable allows you to position the antennas as per your needs, and they will stay in place during flights. With a wide coverage (beamwidth) of up to 130 degrees and high axial ratio, our Xtreem Cross-air antennas are perfect for proximity flying, and you will still get a signal behind bushes and trees.

The Mi-Cross antenna set offers several benefits, such as a small form factor, easy and fast assembly and disassembly with thumb spanners included, lightweight at only 11g, and extremely wide beam. These antennas are also compatible with all receivers, including Rapidfire, True-D, True-D X, Pro58, RX5808, and DJI friendly.

Specifications of Mi-Cross include a band of 5.8GHz, circular polarization, directional antenna type, VSWR of <1.2, gain of 9dbi, beam width of 80 degrees (up to 140 degrees at shorter ranges), polarization of RHCP or LHCP, connector type of SMA or RP-SMA, cable length of 3cm, and overall antenna length of approximately 40mm.

In summary, the Mi-Cross antenna set is an excellent option for drone pilots who want to improve their long-range flying experience without compromising the bitrate of their video transmission. These antennas are a great upgrade for FPV systems, especially for those using expresslrs, LRS 2.4GHz, or any other long-range digital video transmission system.

Specifications of MiCross:
Band: 5.8Ghz
Polarization: Circular
Antenna type: Directional
VSWR: <1.2
Gain: 9dbi Beam width: 80 degrees (up to 140 degrees at shorter ranges)
Polarization: RHCP or LHCP Connector type: SMA or RP-SMA
Cable length: 3cm
Overall antenna length: ~40mm

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