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Antena Pro Pagoda 2.1 - Stub version
Antena Pro Pagoda 2.1 - Stub version
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Dexx Diversity
Dexx Diversity
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Dexx Diversity

Dostępność: spodziewana dostawa
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Here it is - the Dexx Diversity - first modular 5.8GHz and 1.2Ghz Diversity.

Actually its not a diversity, its not a triversity, it a combo video receiver! 
Three 5,8GHz receivers for even better performance and field coverage when racing or just flying for fun. Two parallel video outputs just in case you want plug a dvr recorder or show the video feed to your friend on the second pair of googles or a fpv monitor.

Not enough?

Beta lap timer software included.

Want more? 

It has a extension port where you can connect additional external modules, for example the 5,8GHz extension for even better field coverage or the 1,2GHz Long Range Receiver and fly with your Long Range setups. You can fly 1,2 GHz with this module, and switch to 5,8 GHz within seconds. 

One setup, many possibilities.

Dexx Diversity Specification:

- Fast ARM 32bit microcontroller
- 2-4S power supply,
- 3 x 5,8GHz high sensitivity receiving modules - SMA jack connectors,
- independently switched on/off Receiver Modules,
- 2 audio/video outputs,
- band scan function,
- battery monitor with Low Voltage alarm function,

- firmware update via built in USB Port,
- 3D printed casing,
- Low Band,
- Laptimer,
- Extension Port
- 1,2GHz Receiver Modules are available via Extension Port (sold seperatly).

Dexx Diversity FanPage:


Dexx Diverity Support page:


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