PRO Helical antenna 12 turn 5.8 GHz 14dbi v2

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Gain of Helical antenna is ~14dBi and this is real gain. Great antenna for very long FPV.

Prodrone PRO 9 Turn Helical has beam ~30 degrees. This is real beam width at highest gain.

At shorter range beam width can archive over 50 degrees.

All   PRO Helical antenna series have a semi-rigid cable. We are using high   quality RG402 cables (mainly made by Belden or Suhner). We are not   using cheap Chinese cables.


Semi-Rigid cable means that you can bend it and it will stay in that position. You can use this antennas on goggles.

This means that antenna can be pointed in any direction and there is no need for using any adapters.

Cables that we are using have very low attenuation, so you'll be able to fly even further.


Specification of Prodrone PRO 12T helical antenna:


  • Bandwidth: 5640-5945 MHz
  • Beam width:  30 degrees with highest gain, 50-60 at close range
  • Gain: 14 dBi
  • Reflector diameter: 45mm
  • Cable length: ~7cm
  • Antenna conductor: 1mm silver covered pure copper
  • Turns: 12
  • Polarisation: RHCP - Right Hand Circular Polarisation
  • vSWR: lower than 1.3
  • Maximum power input: 50W
  • Connector: SMA or RP-SMA
  • Weight of antenna: ~32g

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