Pro Moxon 2.4Ghz 5.5dbi RP-SMA

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Gain of Moxon antenna  is about 5.5dBi and this is real gain. This antenna is tuned for frequencies 2400-2450Mhz which are used in RC transmitters.
Moxon can be visualized as a 2-element yagi with the element tips bent towards one another.

This is great upgrade to typical rubberduckies equipped with transmitters. Range extension is over 70% !

Moxon antenna has high gain, has very good characteristics and is "almost" omnidirectional. It has null only on back of antenna.

The Moxon antenna offers three  advantages over a typical two element Yagi:

  1. Small in physical size - which makes an excellent field antenna.
  2. Outstanding front to back ratio. The Moxon's front-to-back ratio models is about 30dB.
  3. The Moxon is a 50ohm antenna, generating a near perfect 1:1 swr without requiring any additional matching devices. It is also quite broadbanded allowing for effective full band coverage.

Specification of Prodrone Moxon antenna

  • Bandwidth: 2400-2480 MHz
  • Beam width: over 180 degrees
  • Gain: 5,5 dBi
  • Cable length: ~7cm
  • Antenna conductor: 1mm silver covered pure copper
  • vSWR: lower than 1.3
  • Maximum power input: 50W
  • Connector: SMA or RP-SMA
  • Weight of antenna: ~6g

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